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Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Course in Mumbai

Module of L1 & L2 Network Engineer Guaranteed Placement Course

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Starting package of 3 to 6 lpa with 100 % Job Guarantee in MNC companies
2 months Individual Training Program
CCNA Course Fees ₹ 7500 only

Pay fees after Placement eligible only for Masters Program - Click Here

Students working with 150+ Global Startups

Average Salary of L1 Network Engineer

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

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What are the Technologies CCNA Network Engineer know ?

A Network engineer is required to have the essential skills to plan, execute and direct the PC organizes that help in-house voice, information, recordings and remote system administrations


Only Training & Placement Institute in Mumbai Navi Mumbai Thane providing Job Guaranteed Training Courses to Mumbai University Students. Students have to pay the fees after getting offer letter from the company. CCNA salary in india for freshers is given below (of awdiz students)
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CCNA Course Structure

CCNA Course training program is well structured to make you handle skills related to network security, network access, IP connectivity, automation and programmability.

Introduction to CCNA Course and Network Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the OSI Model
  • Introduction to IPv4 (Internet Protocol)
  • IPv4 Packet Header
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • Introduction to TCP and UDP
  • TCP Header
  • TCP Window Size Scaling
  • Introduction to ICMP
  • Introduction to DNS
  • Introduction to Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • User mode and Privileged mode
  • Network Access & VLAN

  • Configure and test VLANs spanning multiple switches
  • Configure and test interswitch connectivity
  • Configure and test Layer 2 discovery protocols (CDP)
  • Configure and test (L2/L3) EtherChannel (LACP)
  • Describe Rapid PVST+ Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP modes
  • Define physical infrastructure connections of WLAN components
  • Identify AP and WLC management access connections (Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, console, and TACACS+/RADIUS)
  • IP Connectivity

  • Understand the components of routing table
  • Define how a router makes a forwarding decision by default
  • Configure and test IPv4 and IPv6 static routing
  • Configure and test single area OSPFv2
  • Define first hop redundancy protocol
  • IP Services

  • Configure and test inside source NAT using static and pools
  • Configure and test NTP
  • Describe the role of DHCP and DNS within the network
  • Describe the function of SNMP
  • Explain the use of syslog features
  • Configure and test DHCP client
  • Describe the forwarding per-hop behavior (PHB) for QoS such as classification, marking, queuing, congestion, policing, shaping
  • Configure network devices for remote access using SSH
  • Explain the function of TFTP/FTP
  • Security Fundamentals

  • Explain key security concepts (threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and mitigation techniques)
  • Explain security program elements (user awareness, training, and physical access control)
  • Implement device access control using local passwords
  • Define security password policies elements
  • Define remote access and site-to-site VPNs
  • Implement and test access control lists
  • Configure DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection, and port security Differentiate AAA concepts
  • Define wireless security protocols (WPA, WPA2, and WPA3)
  • Network Management

  • Introduction to CDP
  • Introduction to LLDP
  • Telnet Server and Client
  • SSH Server and Client
  • Introduction to NTP
  • Introduction to Syslog
  • Configuration Register
  • Password Recovery on Cisco IOS
  • Cisco IOS Filesystem
  • Upgrade Cisco IOS Image
  • Automation

  • Define how automation impacts network management
  • Compare traditional networks with controller-based networking
  • Define controller-based and software defined architectures (overlay, underlay, and fabric)
  • Compare traditional campus device management with Cisco DNA Center enabled device management
  • Define characteristics of REST-based APIs (CRUD, HTTP verbs, and data encoding)
  • Understand the capabilities of configuration management mechanisms Puppet, Chef, and Ansible
  • Understand JSON encoded data.
  • Cloud Computing

  • Virtual Machines and Containers
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Schedule – CCNA Course in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai (Individual course)

    Start DateCourse NameDurationRegistration Status
    Regular Online: 25 August 2020CCNA Course in Navi Mumbai2 monthsOpen (Register Now)
    Weekend Online: 22 August 2020CCNA Training in Mumbai2 monthsOpen (Register here)

    Awdiz Students Reviews CCNA Course in Mumbai

    Awdiz training programs are co-created with trainers who are working on real-time solutions. Awdiz highly organized teaching model ensures that we teach what companies actually want. Have a look into what some of Awdiz Students have to say

    I am paying fees after Placements

    I have completed my CCNA Training from Awdiz. It is one of the best networking institute in mumbai. Best thing about Awdiz is their teaching staff. I would love to come again and learn further courses from Awdiz. Excellent trainers with industry experience. First job of 2.4 lacs after ccna training is a dream. Other classes tell they will give opportunity but all are fake, guarantee job deke batao to bol dete we will send you to companies, I am paying fees after placements aur kya chaie, It took 3 months though not an issue. Thanks a lot again. Just 1 review help us with loans also, it can let many students come to awdiz.

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    Aniket Shinde

    CCNA Training and Placement Batch

    Package of above 4 Lakhs

    I have completed CCNA Voice Training at AWDIZ, and I can darely say that "NO ONE DO TEACH LIKE AWDIZ INSTITUTE". So if one really want to be an expert in networking, join in AWDIZ. The knowledge I got here of networking, networking industry and the motivation to success was really valuable. They even helped me in getting placed in an MNC company with a package of above 4 Lakhs. I just paid 30% amount during admissions and rest after my placements. AWDIZ is the best networking institute in Navi Mumbai. Thanks to the entire team of Awdiz for their support.

    ccna course fees

    Sahil Tarfe

    CCNA Voice Training and Placement Batch

    MNC payroll Job Package of 2.4 lpa

    I had enrolled for CCNA & CCNP course Let me tell you its the Best institute in Mumbai for networking related course. All facilities are available.
    Most important thing is if you miss any practical you can attend that whenever you want. Classroom and labs are full of all facilities. Teaching staff is excellent. You should enrolled the Guarantee Networking Course they will surely placed you above package of 2 lpa.
    From my batch some students has successfully placed on a MNC payroll Job and i got placed in Bharti Airtel Company on a package of 2.4 lpa. Will Surely come to do CCIE from Awdiz

    ccna jobs in mumbai

    Mukit Khan

    CCNA Training and Placement Batch

    MNC package more than 3.6 lpa

    Awdiz is best CCNA Training and placement institute in Mumbai . I have learned the CCNA course ,My learning session was too good ,the awesome part was that learning session was full of Real time scenarios, which helped me a lot to get the depth of the concept. Thank to my trainer ,He helped me lot to understand the basic concepts of the networking.The practical session was the most beneficial during learning session and they have successfully placed me in a Multi National company (MNC) on a package of 3.6 lpa. Thanks to the team and Siddhesh sir for the assistance

    ccna syllabus

    Akshay Khairnar

    CCNA Training and Placement Batch

    Frequently Asked Questions About CCNA Course Training in Mumbai

    What is CCNA Course ? What is the process to get a CCNA Certificate?

    CCNA is a Cisco Certified Network Associate given by Cisco Company. To get CCNA certificatied you have to enroll in the CCNA course and undergo CCNA training and then apply for the exam.

    Awdiz gives Guaranteed Placement after CCNA Training course? What is the surety of this?

    Your website says Awdiz gives placements in MNC's in Mumbai? Are they also covered under Guaranteed Placement Courses?

    Why is Awdiz the Best CCNA Training Centre in Mumbai Vashi ?

    Do you provide any Certificate after completion of the CCNA course?

    Is CCNA Certification Compulsory for getting a job in Networking Domain?

    What Job Position will student get after doing CCNA course?

    What is the eligibility for CCNA training at Awdiz?

    What is the CCNA Certified Salary in India and What will be my salary after doing CCNA course from Awdiz?

    I did CCNA Course from other Training Centre but they did not give job? Will Awdiz provide me job opportunity?

    Future scope of jobs after completing the CCNA Course - The Arising Network Engineering Domain

    At the point when you considering building a career in IT, the essential issue that springs up in your mind is programming and software engineering. Nonetheless, actually nowadays equipment and systems administration employments are among the top careers that graduates are gazing at. The truth, though, is that hardware and networking jobs these days are among the top career fields that young professionals look to.And once you have in mind the word 'networking,' then it's none other than Cisco networks. Taking on the CCNA Course Certification guarantees a significant level of jump in knowledge for PC frameworks. A CCNA course demonstrates that you should well-gifted and prepared under Cisco Systems, that could be an overall chief in the IT space.CCNA is one among the best IT courses in the world.
    Most of the IT professionals are now looking for a career transition in Networking Engineering. Read More

    CCNA Course Future?

    The future of CCNA certification is good if you have keen interest in networking.The fate of CCNA affirmation is acceptable on the off chance that you have distinct fascination for systems administration. It is the fundamental level affirmation that permit you to enter the systems administration world. After accreditation the more you gain experience the more you esteem you have in systems administration world and it pays you a lot. There is and will be requests of CCNA guaranteed/prepared individuals in future. Be that as it may, aside from having a theoritical information one ought to have hands-on understanding from related ventures as this will separate you from others, reason being today increasingly more competitor getting CCNA ensured. Subsequent to increasing some experience you ought to promptly set yourself up for the following level, etc.

    Designed to get ready experts for partner level IT work jobs, the new CCNA will approve an expansive scope of information and abilities. The test covers systems administration and security essentials, just as robotization and programmability. What's more, truly, you just need to take one test, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA), to gain the new CCNA! Already, competitors normally needed to take various tests to gain CCNA confirmation. The test went live from Feb. 24, 2020

    The new CCNA will replace the following certifications

    Let us look at the changes in the examination module

    • CCNA Cloud
    • CCNA Cloud
    • CCNA Collaboration
    • CCNA Data Center
    • CCDA
    • CCNA Industrial
    • CCNA Routing and Switching
    • CCNA Security
    • CCNA Service Provider
    • CCNA Wireless

    All this changes have brought a major change in the Cisco certification map. Check CCNA Learning Path Image with Description

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    They are Programs in which Awdiz offers Guaranteed Placements to every student joining the training. To get certificatied you have to enroll in the course and undergo training and then apply for the exam.