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Windows Administrator L1 L2 Certification Training Mumbai Vashi Thane

2 months Training & Placement Program
Starting package of 3 to 6 lpa with 100 % Job Guarantee in MNC companies
Fees depend on the Customized Training given to each individual
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1 Students Enrolled
1 Hrs. Course Duration
1% Placement to MNC
1% Parents Satisfaction

Windows Administrator Course Description

Windows administrators are system administrators who specialize in installing, configuring, and maintaining Windows-based servers. This role encompasses back-end IT support for business-critical and development-related departments and personnel. Windows administrators also configure user access and maintain system stability and data security through deployment and migration.

MODULE 1 introduces the techniques and will focus on Planning and implementing an IPv4 network This will teach about Implementing DHCP. This module explains how to plan and implement DHCP to support the IPv4 infrastructure.Lessons MODULE 2 and MODULE 3 will teach rest of the topics as given in the syllabus

Because Windows administrators frequently work with both IT professionals and end users, they need effective written and verbal communication skills. Problem-solving– Windows administrators often need to employ creative and technical problem-solving techniques while installing, configuring, and maintaining Windows systems and servers.

As part of your course, you will get Windows System Administration Certification from Awdiz. Plus Windows administrators can also receive certification through Microsoft. Awdiz will help the students in the same

Windows Administrator L1 L2 Training in Mumbai Vashi Thane

You will be learning from the best Windows Administrator Training Institute in Mumbai how to improve your expertise with the Windows operating system and server administration. Experienced working professionals from different companies teach the students. With our course Windows Administrator Training in Mumbai we make sure that students learn the entire Windows Administrator Course in a proper practical manner to help them do better during their job. Our Windows Administrator Training with guaranteed placement program helps students secure their job after the Windows Administrator Training.

All Graduates from BCA, BE, BSCIT, BCOM, BTECH & Diploma Holders who are interested in IT as well as Networking Domain are eligible for this Windows Administrator Training. Attend the Best Windows Administrator training institute in Mumbai for the training offered in Windows Administrator by the best talented and experienced working professionals from the industry.
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Windows Administrator Course Syllabus

Functions & Features of an Operating System-OS Basic DOS/Windows/Unix commands and tools

History of System Administration.System Administration Roles
Basics of Windows NT/2000/2003 and Unix/Linux.History
Basic Info and Account Management.File and directory layout
File Systems (NTFS, FAT, UFS).File permissions.ACL
Command Line vs. Gui
Start up (booting) and Shutdown. Task Manager. More Account Management
Networking configuration
Preventative maintenance and upgrading of OS
Troubleshooting computer operating systems using utilities
Configuring disk and system resources

L1 Troubleshooting
Application related issue
VPN issue, types of Network issue discussion
Connectivity issue troubleshooting
How to create VM's on systems through Virtual application
IP Classes, IP Sub-netting and Super netting
IP flow through DHCP
Switching-Routing basic concepts
Basic concept of DNS

Security features of an OS
System Processes.Scheduling jobs (scheduler/cron),job monitoring, start and stop jobs
At command vs. scheduled Tasks Gui tool.More Task Manager
Disk administration.File systems/partitions.Disk DeFragmentation
RAID.Basic client/server file sharing
Files, Directories and Memory Management.Permissions
Security and Backups.Patches, passwords, kerberos, enigma
Tools (tcpwrappers and others).Backup methods

Introducing Windows Server 2016
Preparing and installing Server Core
Preparing for upgrades and migrations
Migrating server roles and workloads & Windows Server activation models
Installing Server Core
Completing post-installation tasks on Windows Server 2016 Core
Performing remote management
Managing disks in Windows Server & Managing volumes in Windows Server
Installing Data Deduplication & Configuring Data Deduplication

Other Advanced Topics (depending upon time)
Installing/upgrading hardware/software/O.S
Email server, web server, dns/dhcp server, telnet/ftp/ssh
Unix-windows interoperability (samba)
User communications and documentation
Problems resolution and solutions
raid, san, nas

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to

1. Discuss installation and upgrade requirements for operating systems (OS).
2. Explain important operating system files and components as well as their functions.
3. Utilize various command-line functions and utilities to manage and support operating systems.
4. Explain procedures for installing and adding devices and configuring associated device drivers and required software.
5. Examine procedures for identifying and resolving common problems using operating system utilities and tools.
6. Apply the networking capabilities of operating systems as well as configure and troubleshoot connectivity.

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