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MEAN MERN Stack Training Masters Program

  • Be the next level developer with Awdiz Full Stack Developer Training
  • 400 Hours 4 Months of Learning Delivered in Classroom and Online mode
  • Guaranteed salary package: 3 LPA for freshers, 6 LPA for 1 year experience
  • Hands on Learning with 10+ Industry based Projects on Full Stack development course
  • Create Scalable high speed Web Applications with Angular React NodeJS
  • Eligiblity: B.E, BSc.IT, B.Tech, Final Year Diploma Degree Students
  • 100% Job Guarantee Full Stack Developer Certification with Awdiz
  • 1-on-1 doubt sessions. Infinite Mock interviews. No Placement No Fees
  • Students ranked Awdiz as best Institute for Full Stack Developer Course in Vashi
  • India's First Pay Fees after Placements Policy provided by AWDIZ Institute Since 2014
  • New 100% Placement or No Question Asked Refund Policy Since 2022
Best Full Stack Developer Course with Placement
JavascriptCourse 1
TypeScriptCourse 2
HTML & CSSCourse 3
MongoDB Course 4
Node.jsCourse 5
Angular 8Course 6
React.jsCourse 7

Full Stack Web Development Course in Vashi Offline

Why Awdiz is the Best Institute for Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai?

  • Interest-Free Bank Loans
  • 1:1 Micro Batch Size Coaching
  • Indusrty Expert Endorsed Certification
  • Online Portfolio & GitHub profile
  • 1:1 Career mentorship with industry experts
  • Live Lectures Backup Training Videos
  • Internship & Job Placement
  • 50+ Projects & Case Studies
  • 100+ Coding Prompts For ChatGPT Programming
  • 10+ Programming Tools & Languages
  • Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  • Top Full Stack Developer Certifications

Best Full Stack Developer Course Training in Vashi

The Full Stack Developer course in Vashi - MEAN MERN Stack Masters Program is a 400 hour Full Stack training course that provides comprehensive coverage of Full Stack wev development with major focus on MEAN & MERN Stack i.e MongoDB Express Angular React.js & Node.js Stack. Students will Learn how to connect Angular/React Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend by building a real world Application. Students are ensured 100% Placement at the joining of our Full Stack Developer Course with Placement in Vashi

MEAN & MERN Stack helps building Cloud Native Full Stack Javascript applications. They provide an end-to-end framework for building dynamic web applications; starting from the top to the bottom (database) made up of:

MongoDB : Document database – used by back-end application to store its data as JSON documents

Express (Express.js): Back-end web application framework running on top of Node.js

Angular (formerly Angular.js): Front-end web app framework; runs your JavaScript code in the user's browser

React.js A JavaScript library for building user interfaces for front-end web applications

Node.js : JavaScript runtime environment – lets you implement your application back-end in JavaScript

Best Full Stack Developer Course Syllabus

Our Full Stack Developer Training Course in Vashi is designed for any web developer or IT professional who wants to understand and use MEAN Stack for their projects. If you have some experience with an Object-oriented / scripting language and JavaScript Tools it will be much easier. If you don’t do not worry. Final year College Students or a Passout fresher student will gain a solid foundation in using the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular & Node.js) for web and mobile development. Learn how to assemble MEAN Stack to provide a highly efficient JavaScript-based development environment. Full Stack Development Course Syllabus is as,

Build your Career in Full Stack

Online | Classroom | Personalized Training | 6 Months

Mean MERN Stack Training Institute in Vashi Thane

The MEAN & MERN Stack Developer Training Course in Vashi is developed with Industry Experts keeping in mind with the ultimate goal of Placements. Learn to set up a Node.js + Express + MongoDB + Angular/React.js Application with the help of the Angular CLI & Use Node.js & Express efficiently. Full Stack Developer Course fees in mumbai is ₹69000 and you can pay in 12 months Interest-Free EMI. The Full Stack Developer course duration is about 5 months


Real-Time Chat Application like WhatsApp

  • Project Setup
  • Building the Frontend & Backend
  • WebSockets & Adding Socket.io
  • Adding Custom Events

Task Management System like Trello

  • User Authentication & Authorization
  • Creating, Updating, and Deleting Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks to Users
  • Task Filtering and Sorting
  • Notifications and Reminders

E-commerce Store like Amazon

  • Product Catalog Management
  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Shopping Cart Functionality
  • Orders and Payment Integration
  • Product Search and Filtering

Social Media Platform like Facebook

  • User Profiles and Authentication
  • Creating and Sharing Posts
  • Liking and Commenting on Posts
  • User Follow System
  • Notifications and Activity Feeds

Blogging Platform like Medium

  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Creating and Managing Blog Posts
  • Commenting and Engaging with Posts
  • Categorizing and Tagging Blog Posts
  • Search and Filtering of Blog Posts

Job Portal like Naukri

  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Creating and Managing Job Listings
  • Job Search and Filtering
  • Applying to Job Listings
  • Employer Profiles Management

Recipe Finder Application like Food Network

  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Creating, Editing, and Sharing Recipes
  • Recipe Search and Filtering
  • Commenting and Rating Recipes
  • Favorite Recipes and User Profiles

Travel Planner

  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Destination Search and Filtering
  • Itinerary Creation and Management
  • Booking Flights and Accommodations
  • Reviews and Recommendations

Online Learning Platform like Coursera

  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Course Listing and Enrollment
  • Course Progress Tracking
  • Course Ratings and Reviews
  • Instructor Profiles and Course Creation

Task Tracker

  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Creating and Managing Tasks
  • Task Prioritization and Deadlines
  • Task Assignment and Notifications
  • Task Filtering and Sorting

Weather Forecast App

  • User Location and Weather API Integration
  • Current Weather Display
  • Hourly and Daily Weather Forecasts
  • Weather Alerts and Notifications
  • Search for Different Locations

Music Streaming Platform like Spotify

  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Music Library Management
  • Playlist Creation and Management
  • Music Search and Recommendation
  • Player Controls and Audio Streaming

A Showcase of Excellence: Full Stack Projects developed by Awdiz Students!

Full Stack Developer Jobs Career Services at Awdiz

We strongly believe in providing the best full stack web developer course with placement. Our well drafted Placement Process is been evolved over years which takes pre-planned approach towards each and every student who gets trained with Awdiz. Dedicated Team of Placement Officers (Biggest Placement team in Vashi and with 30+ MNC's High funded Startups approaching us daily for placements, your dream job in Full Stack Developer Career path is just some months away. Get your First Job by joining our Best Full Stack Developer Training and Placement Institute in Vashi training course.

Technologies Covered in Full Stack Developer Course with job guarantee

90% Angular
90% Node.js & Express
80% Javascript
75% TypeScript
65% HTML & CSS
80% MongoDB

Collaboration with MNC's and Start-ups

The FULL STACK DEVELOPER MEAN STACK Masters Program is co-created with various IT Services Companies specializing in Product Engineering, Application Development & Data Analytics who act as our Content Collaborator Partners and comes with a cutting-edge Industry aligned curriculum. This makes it naturally aligned with Placement needs of Companies Awdiz usually has a Vacancy count of 30 Full Stack developers every month. Awdiz Training faculties come from more than 500,000 man hours of IT experience who have catered technical solutions for 125+ companies which includes Startups , SMEs and Corporates in a duration of 10 years.

Industry Advisors

Awdiz Placement Partner Companies help us make our Full Stack Developer MEAN Stack Course program in consultation with different senior Industry experts to ensure a high degree of practical relevance to the needs and demands of the industry.
With experienced Globally recognised Advisors on Full Stack development and our huge network of 40+ External Freelancers, Consultants and Corporate trainers globally from various MNC’s who take Full Stack development trainings and consulting work, we are constantly improving the standard of Technical Education Awdiz students deserve.

Enroll in our Best Full stack Web Development Course with Placement

We make it even easier for ambitious and passionate students to learn to code, and switch to a rewarding career as a software developer or data scientist. Learn more about the scholarships HyperionDev currently offers.

  • Freshers – B.E / BSc.IT / B.Tech / BS or M.E / M.Tech / MSc in CSE / IS / EC / EE / TC / MCA
  • Current Final Year - Diploma, Degree Students, Recent Graduates
  • Professionals – Looking forward to uplift their career by acquiring additional skills in software and new-age web development

Final year students who did not get a placement opportunity at college placements, will be exposed to the industry standards. Work with senior developers through the technique of Code Reviewing. Awdiz is the Best Full Stack Developer Training Institute in Vashi


Professionals who are looking to up-skill, change career paths. Awdiz provides One-on-One Mentoring to Professionals so that you build trust with your mentor and progress at your own pace. Discuss problems without fear of failure in the career. Technical help is always at your desk


Diploma pass out freshers who want to pursue career immediately after the final year and get jobs after diploma. Enable Diploma Students to practice implementing knowledge gained by completing practical tasks. Average salary for a Diploma Fresher is up to 2.4 lpa

best meanstack developer course in Vashi fullstack awdiz

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Full Stack Developer Training Course outcome

  • Guaranteed Placement with Full Stack Developer Certification from Awdiz
  • Lifetime Career Support at top hiring companies
  • Guaranteed 4 lpa salary with our best full stack web development course
  • Unlimited Interviews till Placement
  • Earn an industry-recognized course completion certificate

Full Stack Developer Course FAQs

What is Full Stack Developer MEAN Stack Masters Program? What is the process to get Certification?

It is a Program in which Awdiz offers Guaranteed Placements to every student joining the training. To get certified you have to enroll in the MEAN Stack Masters Program course and undergo training and then apply for the exam.

What is the surety that Awdiz will give Guaranteed Placement after Full Stack Development training?

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