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Masters Program

Be the next level developer withAwdiz Full Stack Developer MEAN Master’s Program

400 Hours 4 Months of Learning Delivered in Classroom with Industry Experts

Offer Letter of 3 lacs per annum as a Software Developer at the joining of Program

Hands on Learning with 10+ Industry based Projects on Full Stack development

India's First Pay Fees after Placements Policy provided by AWDIZ Institute

Create Scalable & high speed Web Applications with Angular + NodeJS + MongoDB

Eligiblity : B.E, BSc.IT, B.Tech, Final Year Diploma Degree Students Recent Graduates

Students ranked Awdiz as best Institute for Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai

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418 Students Enrolled
400 Hrs. Course Duration
100% Placements
100% Parents Satisfaction

Full Stack Developer MEAN Stack Masters Program

The Full Stack Developer - MEAN Stack Masters Program is a 400 hour training course that provides comprehensive coverage of Full Stack development with major focus on MEAN Stack i.e MongoDB Express Angular & Node.js Stack. Students will Learn how to connect Angular Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend by building a real world Application. As this program is directly structured with Industry relevance topics Students are ensured 100% Placement at the joining of our Full Stack Developer Course with Placement in Mumbai

MEAN Stack is intended to provide a simple and fun starting point for Cloud Native Full Stack Javascript applications. MEAN is a set of Open Source components that together, provide an end-to-end framework for building dynamic web applications; starting from the top (code running in the browser) to the bottom (database). The Stack is made up of:
MongoDB : Document database – used by your back-end application to store its data as JSON documents
Express (sometimes referred to as Express.js): Back-end web application framework running on top of Node.js
Angular (formerly Angular.js): Front-end web app framework; runs your JavaScript code in the user's browser
Node.js : JavaScript runtime environment – lets you implement your application back-end in JavaScript

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Mongodb Awdiz

MongoDB Course

This course enables you to become an expert MongoDB developer and Administrator by gaining in-depth knowledge of NoSQL and mastering skills of Data Modeling, Ingestion, Query, Sharding, and Data Replication

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Express Awdiz

Express Course

This course will teach you the core concepts you need start building web applications and backend services. Express is the most popular framework for Node.js It allows you to spin up a web server in just about 3 lines of code.

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Amgular Awdiz

Angular Course

This course will help you master concepts such as Bootstrap Grid System, Dependency Injections, SPA (Single Page Application), Directives, Forms, Pipes, Promises, Observables, and understand the testing of Angular 2 & 8 class

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Node js Awdiz

Node.Js Course

This course gives you in-depth knowledge of key concepts such as Express.js, Node Packet Manager (npm), multi-processing in Node.js, REST, CRUD operations, Express.js with MongoDB and SQLite, chat application using, Gulp and Grunt

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai JavaScript Awdiz

JavaScript Course

This course enables you to grasp the fundamentals of JavaScript Language required to master MEAN Stack. You will not just learn the JavaScript itself, you will also learn how to Program & solve problems. How to Structure and Organize Code using common JavaScript patterns.

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai TypeScript Awdiz

TypeScript Course

In this Course you will learn why TypeScript is Powerful Addition to JavaScript and how to use it! Also understand what you're actually doing in your Angular 2 Code. You will learn about more advanced Features and also how to Set up Workflows with TypeScript

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai HTML Awdiz

HTML5 Course

In this course you will start with basic HTML tags. You will learn how to create HTML Websites using CSS in your work before we start working on HTML5. In our course you learn complete resource which can get you started on Application development for HTML5

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai CSS Awdiz

CSS Course

In this course We will start with the Basics of CSS and then move on to the Advanced concepts like Gradients Transitions 2D & 3D Transforms Media Queries that help you develop for Desktops & Mobiles using just one website

Full Stack Developer - MEAN Stack Course Syllabus

Our Full Stack Developer Training Course in Mumbai is designed for any web developer or IT professional who wants to understand and use MEAN Stack for their projects. If you have some experience with an Object-oriented/scripting language and JavaScript Tools it will be much easier. But if you don’t, you did not worry. We will guide you through every part of the process. A Final year College Student or a Passout fresher student will gain a solid foundation of knowledge in using the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular & Node.js) for web and mobile development. You will study each component individually, learning how to assemble MEAN to provide a highly efficient JavaScript-based development Stack.

  • Applying Designs to WireFrames with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Introduction To Web And Basic HTML Tags
  • Building our Own HTML5 Video Player
  • Building Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Site Design our website project
  • Working with Forms
  • Deeper Understanding of Client-Server Communication
  • Understanding HTML5 Input Types
  • Introduction to CSS, CSS Inheritance and Various Selectors
  • The Cascade, Specificity and Style Resolution
  • Important CSS Properties
  • Website Wireframing with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Structuring Content Using HTML Tags
  • Explaining Bootstrap latest version 4
  • Using various components to make UI
  • Making complete pages
TypeScript Module 1
  • Introduction to TypeScript
  • Why TypeScript? & Setting up TypeScript
  • Using Types for a better Code
  • Understanding the TypeScript Compiler
  • TypeScript and ES6
  • Using Classes to create Objects
  • Namespaces and Modules
TypeScript Module 2
  • Doing Contract Work with Interfaces
  • Generics
  • Behind the Scenes with Decorators
  • Using JavaScript Libraries (like jQuery) with TypeScript
  • TypeScript Workflows
  • Example: Using TypeScript together with ReactJS
TypeScript Module 3
  • JavaScript vs TypeScript
  • Type annotations, variable declarations, basic datatypes, type inference
  • Advanced types, type erasure and error behavior
  • Classes, constructors & methods, inheritance & polymorphism, access modifiers
JS Language Fundamentals
  • What Is Javascript
  • Internal Vs. External
  • document.write()
  • Alert & Confirm, Prompting Info
  • Prompting For Info
  • Conjugation & Arithmetic
  • Redirecting And New Windows
  • Empty Links & String Manipulation
  • Comparisons, Functions & Events
  • If Else, Else If, Switch Statements
  • getElementById()
  • Escaping, Arrays
  • For Loops, While Loops
  • Breaking Out Of Loops
  • Skipping A Loop Cycle
DOM Manipulation and Events
  • Project Setup and Details
  • First DOM Access and Manipulation
  • Events and Event Handling: Rolling the Dice
  • Updating Scores and Changing the Active Player
  • Implementing Our 'Hold' Function and the DRY Principle
  • Creating a Game Initialization Function
  • Finishing Touches: State Variables
Modern JavaScript 1
  • Using ES6 NPM Babel Webpack
  • Installing Node.js & NPM
  • Note: Tooling Changes
  • Modern Setup: Configuring Webpack
  • Webpack Dev Server
  • Setup: Babel
  • Planning Project Architecture with MVC
  • ES6 Modules,Introduction, setting up, running ES6 code, JS transpilers
  • Template literals, default parameters
  • Destructuring arrays & objects, Rest & spread
Modern JavaScript 2
  • Planning Project Architecture with MVC
  • Building the Search Model, Controller, Search View
  • Implementing Persistent Data with localStorage
  • Building the Recipe Model, Controller, View
  • Building the Search Model, Controller, Search View
  • Rendering an AJAX Loading Spinner
Asynchronous JavaScript
  • Promises, Async/Await and AJAX
  • Understanding Asynchronous JavaScript: The Event Loop
  • The Old Way: Asynchronous JavaScript with Callbacks
  • From Callback Hell to Promises
  • From Promises to Async/Await
  • AJAX and APIs
  • Making AJAX Calls with Fetch and Promises
  • Making AJAX Calls with Fetch and Async/Await
Fundamentals of jQuery
  • What Is jQuery & Installing jQuery
  • Syntax Selectors Events
  • When A Key Is Pressed Effects & Callbacks
  • .html() & Changing CSS
  • Animations & Attributes
  • jQuery.Ajax & Finishing jQuery
Advanced JavaScript 1
  • Try Catch And Throw
  • Date & Math & Regular Expressions
  • Primitives vs. Objects
Ajax Development
  • What Is Ajax
  • How To Execute Ajax
  • Requests & Response
  • readyStates And Status
  • Putting It Together
  • Ajax Search Suggest Tutorial
  • Ajax Database Select Menu Tutorial
Advanced JavaScript 2
  • Navigator & Creating Objects: Object.create
  • setInterval And setTimeout
  • Inheritance and the Prototype Chain
  • Creating Objects: Function Constructors
  • Closures, Bind, Call and Apply
Advanced JavaScript 3
  • The Prototype Chain in the Console
  • First Class Functions: Passing Functions as Arguments
  • First Class Functions: Functions Returning Functions
  • Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE)
MongoDB Developer Module 1
  • NoSQL databases & Key value pair
  • Understanding the Basics & CRUD Operations
  • Schemas & Relations: How to Structure Documents
  • Exploring Shell & Server
  • Using MongoDB Compass Explore Data Visually
  • MongoDB with Node and Express
  • Diving Into Create Operations
  • Read Operations - A Closer Look
  • Windows Setup
MongoDB Developer Module 2
  • Update Operations
  • Understanding Delete Operations
  • Working with Indexes
  • Working with Geospatial Data
  • Understanding the Aggregation Framework
  • Working with Numeric Data
  • MongoDB & Security
  • From Shell to Driver
  • Introducing Stitch
  • Roundup
Angular Module 1
  • What is Angular
  • What is Angular Technology Stack
  • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 8
  • CLI Deep Dive & Troubleshooting
  • Project Setup and First App
  • Editing the First App
  • What is TypeScript?
  • A Basic Project Setup using Bootstrap for Styling
  • Debugging
  • Components & Databinding Deep Dive
  • Live Course Project Components & Databinding
  • Directives Deep Dive
  • Live Course Project Directives
Angular Module 2
  • Using Services & Dependency Injection
  • Live Course Project Services & Dependency Injection
  • Changing Pages with Routing
  • Live Course Project Routing
  • Understanding Observables
  • Live Course Project Observables
  • Handling Forms in Angular Apps
  • Live Course Project Forms
  • Using Pipes to Transform Output
  • Making Http Requests
  • Live Course Project Http
  • Authentication & Route Protection in Angular
  • Dynamic Components
  • Angular Modules & Optimizing Angular Apps
Angular Module 3
  • Deploying an Angular App
  • Working with NgRx in our Project*
  • Angular Universal*
  • Angular Animations
  • Adding Offline Capabilities with Service Workers
  • A Basic Introduction to Unit Testing in Angular Apps
  • Angular Changes & New Features
  • Custom Project & Workflow Setup
  • TypeScript for Angular 2 Usage
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
Node.js Module 1
  • Installing and Exploring Node.js
  • Node.js Module System
  • File System and Command Line Args
  • Improved Development Workflow and Debugging
  • Asynchronous Node.js
  • Accessing API from Browser
  • API Authentication and Security
  • Real-Time Web Applications with
  • Improved Development Workflow and Debugging
  • Working with Express.js
  • Express JS with MongoDB and Sqlite
  • Working with Dynamic Content & Adding Templating Engines
  • The Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Dynamic Routes & Advanced Models
  • SQL Introduction
  • Understanding Sequelize
  • Working with NoSQL & Using MongoDB
Node.js Module 2
  • Working with Mongoose
  • Sessions & Cookies
  • Adding & Advanced Authentication
  • Understanding Validation
  • Sending Emails & Error Handling
  • File Upload & Download
  • Sorting, Pagination, and Filtering
  • Understanding Async Requests
  • Adding Payments
  • Working with REST APIs - The Practical Application
  • Understanding Async Await in Node.js
  • Understanding Websockets &
  • Working with GraphQL
  • Testing Node.js Applications
  • Node.js as a Build Tool & Using npm

Mean Stack Training Institute in Mumbai Vashi Thane

The MEAN Stack Developer Training Course in Mumbai is developed with the Industry Expert keeping in mind with the ultimate goal of Placements. Students become Professionals who adds immediate value to any Organization. You will learn to Set up a NodeJS + Express + MongoDB + Angular Application with the help of the Angular CLI & Use Node.js & Express efficiently

Classroom Training

We are believers in applied learning. Awdiz lab will allow you to immediately translate concepts into actionable skills delivered in collaboration with Cloudesign. We designed our Mean Stack training syllabus to give you real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level

Industry Internships

Students will get 2 Months Industrial live Project Internship Opportunity during our Full Stack developer Mean Stack Masters Training. It includes Mean Stack live Project ImplementationsMean Stack Real time Project Consulting. This will help them build their portfolio even strong.

Industry Projects

Awdiz has tie up with many IT companies & High funded Startups, working on Full Stack Development in Mumbai. We have picked their Projects to work for them, post Mean Stack exposure to our Trained Candidates. We do Project based activities post successful completion of our Full Stack Mean Stack Training Course in Mumbai

Guaranteed Placements

If you compare us with other Full Stack Training Institute in Vashi Mumbai or Thane, Awdiz has the Biggest in-house Placement Team with record number of Placements done till date. The best part is that we have a Pay Fees after Placement Policy like no other Full Stack Training Institute in Mumbai




Real Time Chat Application
Project Setup
Building the Frontend & Backend
WebSockets & Adding
Adding Custom Events


Login Authentication System Frontend
Building the Frontend & Forms
Setting Up Routes
Protected Routes


Login Authentication System Backend
Creating the APIs
Password Encryption
Connecting the Frontend
JSON Web Tokens (JWT)


E-commerce Application Frontend
Application & Routes Setup
Building Pages & Displaying Data
Adding a Shopping Cart


E-commerce Application Backend
Project Setup
Building the Frontend & Backend
WebSockets & Adding
Adding Custom Events


Real Time Chat Application
Setting Up the Server
Mock Product Data
Creating APIs
Checkout & Orders


Favourite Organizer


Online Movie Ticket Booking Master


Time Series Prediction

Career Services at Awdiz

We strongly believe in achieving Placements that happens only via systematic step-by-step approach. Our well drafted Placement Process is been evolved over years which takes pre-planned approach towards each and every student who gets trained with Awdiz. Dedicated Team of Placement Officers (Biggest Placement team in Mumbai and with 30+ MNC's High funded Startups approaching us daily for placements, your dream job in Full Stack Developer - MEAN Stack Masters Program is just a course away. Get your First Job by joining our Best Full Stack Developer Training and Placement Institute in Mumbai training course

best fullstack training institute in mumbai awdiz

Fees after Placement Itna hi kafhi hai Awdiz mai admission ke liye Mean Stack Developer Training is superb here. Live project training is like no else. We get stuck but sir just helps us full time. Thank you Awdiz for the great service they are doing for Mumbai University Students”

Asif Ansari


best meanstack training institute in mumbai awdiz

“Never thought mean stack can be so dominant. 35th day Awdiz gave us Interview oppurtunity on Angular during the Training period itself. Selected on angular 4. Still to go with Node.js Training. Sir is awesome. Got placed in Powai for 3 lacs per annum. Thanks a lot Awdiz. Recommended to everyone ”

Shilpa Sinha

Larsen & Toubro Infotech

best web development training institute in mumbai awdiz

“At the start we really did not undertsand the concept of Pay Fees after Placement. I mean who does that. We started from HTML and went on till Node.js Training. Got plaement for 2.8 lacs per annum but I am happy. The best 5 months in our Education life, I would say. Thanks Awdiz”

Aditya Gavandi

Larsen & Toubro Infotech

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 Best Mean Stack Developer Course in Vashi
 Best Mean Stack Developer Course in Navi Mumbai
 Full Stack MEAN Stack Developer Course in Navi Mumbai
 Best Full Stack Developer Course in Navi Mumbai
 Best Full Stack Developer Course in Vashi
 Best Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai

Resume Building LinkedIn Portfolio

Awdiz will help build a professional quality resume that impresses companies. Receive Technical assistance in getting your CV industry-ready according to accepted best-practice format by Profile Restructuring, Editing, Optimization

Interview Workshops

Polishing the candidate with Awdiz expert interview preparation from professionals to face Technical and HR interviews. Students are taken through a series of FAQ interview documents to make sure they are well prepared for any interview

Placement Coaching & Counseling

Awdiz will help the candidate groom in company specific technical workshops on specific topics. Reach out to Awdiz Industry Advisors for your career related queries and take the right decision

Access to Awdiz Placement Portal

Awdiz makes sure the available job & references are uploaded on our placement portal every week. With the biggest placement team in Mumbai and senior most training team, you career is in safe hands

Awdiz gives Guaranteed Placements at the joining of the Training itself by providing Conditional Offer Letter to every student joining the program. Every Hiring Company at Awdiz looks at the students qualification at the time of student joining the training and provide them an offer which is negotiated after the training is completed.
Placements at Awdiz is guaranteed to every students enrolled for our
Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Vashi Thane,
MEAN Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Vashi Thane,
Full Stack - MEAN Stack Masters Course in Mumbai Vashi Thane
The salaries offered by Awdiz tie-ups companies do have a following set of criteria for Placements compliance:

For Fresher to get 3 lacs per annum and above:
✔ Aggregate score >51% in BE / BTech / ME / MTech / MCA / MSc in the current ongoing year and previous year
✔ Min cut-off 40% in all assessments and exams at Awdiz
✔ Min number of assignments 70% in every module and 1 project to be completed per module
✔ Attendance to be maintained above 90%

Rest all other Awdiz Students will also get guaranteed placements but the minimum Starting Package as a Fresher will vary from company to company. Mostly for Awdiz students Fresher Package starts from 2.4 lacs per annum

Skills & Technologies Covered in Full Stack Developer MEAN Stack Course

90% Angular
90% Node.js & Express
70% Javascript
75% TypeScript
60% HTML & CSS
80% MongoDB

Collaboration with ClouDesign

The FULL STACK DEVELOPER MEAN STACK Masters Program is created with ClouDesign as the Content Collaborator Partner and comes with a cutting-edge Industry aligned curriculum. Awdiz courses are co-created by companies endorsing our courses. This makes it naturally aligned with Placement needs of Companies Students in advance know the Project Skills that the Companies expect from them. Awdiz usually has a Vacancy count of 20 Full Stack developers every month

 Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Awdiz


All candidates earn a certificate, co-branded by ClouDesign as a Content Collaborators Partner and Awdiz. LinkedIn Endorsement is done for portfolio building

 Awdiz is the best training institute for Mean stack developer course in mumbai

Industry Approved Curriculum

ClouDesign, with its worldwide experience in the Software Development domain, has assisted Awdiz with the curriculum design to ensure Industry Placements focus

Full Stack Developer Course in Mumbai Awdiz

About ClouDesign

Cloudesign is a IT Services Company specializing in Product Engineering, Application Development & Data Analytics. Cloudesign has more than 500,000 man hours of IT experience.Cloudesign has catered technical solutions for 125+ companies which includes Startups , SMEs and Corporates in a duration of 10 years and clients include Tesla, Marsh, and Mclennan, Edelweiss Fin Serv, Raymonds

Industry Advisors

Awdiz Placement Partner Companies help us make our Full Stack Developer MEAN Stack Course program in consultation with different senior Industry experts to ensure a high degree of practical relevance to the needs and demands of the industry.
With experienced Globally recognised Advisors on Full Stack development and our huge network of 40+ External Freelancers, Consultants and Corporate trainers globally from various MNC’s who take Full Stack development trainings and consulting work, we are constantly improving the standard of Technical Education Awdiz students deserve.

 Best Training Institute in Navi Mumbai

Nishant Shetty

CEO - ClouDesign

 Best Training Institute in Vashi

Rohit jain

CTO - ClouDesign

Who should Enroll

Freshers – B.E / BSc.IT / B.Tech / BS or M.E / M.Tech / MSc in CSE / IS / EC / EE / TC / MCA
Current Final Year Diploma, Degree Students, Recent Graduates
Professionals – Looking forward to uplift their career by acquiring additional skills in software and new-age web development

freshers job fullstack

Freshers who could not get a placement opportunity at college need not worry. At Awdiz freshers will learn the skills needed to become a world-class web developer. Freshers will be exposed to the industry standards from day one. Developers in the real world have their work assessed by a senior developer through the technique of Code Reviewing. Awdiz is the Best Full Stack Developer Training Institute in Mumbai that exposes students to this technique from day 1 so they get an fair advantage in the Job Market

freshers job meanstack

Professionals who are looking to up-skill, change career paths. Awdiz provides 1-on-1 Mentoring to Professionals so that you build trust with your mentor and progress at your own pace. Have your own space to discuss any problem without fear of failure in the career. Professional Technical help is always at your desk. Learn as part of a group of professionals all working towards ultimate career fulfilment

freshers job angular awdiz

Diploma pass-out freshers who want to pursue career immediately after the final year, Awdiz helps them to work on Personalized Structured Program to allow Diploma students to start coding as soon as possible. Tasks are designed to Teach the fresher the theory needed to develop a skill. Enable the Diploma Student Fresher to practice implementing knowledge gained by completing practical tasks. Average salary for a Diploma Fresher is up to 2.4 lpa

 best meanstack developer course in mumbai fullstack awdiz

Speak to a Career Advisor

Full Stack Developer MEAN Stack Masters Course Outcome

✔ Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Express, Node.js

✔ Develop and design dynamic web applications using this technology stack

✔ Apply Agile development and product design principles to web development projects

✔ Understand crucial software algorithms, and their application to web development

✔ Create databases and data-driven web applications

✔ Get Guaranteed Placement with Awdiz Career Support Team that prepares you for the tech career you’re aiming for

Frequently Asked Questions about Full Stack Developer MEAN Stack Masters Program at Awdiz