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Since 2014, Awdiz is working with senior professionals looking to Change Career at 30, candidates looking for non-IT jobs or non Programming IT jobs, in developing career road map & reinventing careers & helping candidates Change Career to IT from NON-Technical & NON-IT field.

How to switch from non technical field to technical field? What are the ways through which I can shift my career from non-technical to technical as I have 4 years of non-technical working experience? Can I switch to a technical profile after working 6 years in a non-technical role? How do I switch my career from Non-IT to IT? How can I change my career path from non-technical to technical stuff? Want to make a career change ? If you are looking for switching jobs, you are at the right place.

Career Switch
We help you identify exactly what you want & help you make the career switch to IT from non Technical to Technical field, analysing alternatives, building a career plan or promotion, a move within your field or a total career change
Career Growth
We help you uncover new techniques & thought processes to generate career breakthroughs like a new position in the Same Field, switch job in different Industry or a total shift in your career that will need a skillset makeover
Career Path
Awdiz assists you in identifying your skills & matching them to appropriate employment. Given your degree, talents & experiences you can evaluate which career path you can flourish in future, improving job performance
Career Goals
We will help you to explore the possibilities, find what career you aspire to, compare different options, establish short-term & long-term objectives, prepare smarter career goals, make you flexible & measure progress with stability

Best IT Courses for NON IT Professionals

In this section we find out what are the Courses that are recommeneded for IT Careers for Non-Technical People for a successful career change into IT. Awdiz provides the Best Certification Courses for Non-IT Professionals for switching careers into it

Steps to a Successful Career Change!


Mentoring with an Awdiz Industry Domain Expert on a one-on-one basis. Examine how satisfied you are with your current position. Are your complaints about your job's content, your company's culture, or the individuals you work with? While you're at it, consider what you can do at your current job to help you prepare to leave when the time comes.

Career Growth

We'll look at your interests, values, & abilities. Examine previous successful roles, volunteer work, projects, & professions to determine your preferred activities & talents. Check to determine if your core values & skills are being implemented in your current position. Choose a job role that aligns with your goals.

 Career Path

Plan & think about different employment options. We will conduct job research & share your essential beliefs & skills with networking contacts in order to produce job suggestions. Awdiz career counsellor will provide expert advice. We'll talk to people who already have the job you want & look into other opportunities.

  IT Careers for Non-Technical People

Examine your options for work in the same or a different field. Conduct a preliminary comparison analysis of several fields in order to identify a few areas that require more research. Awdiz will be of assistance. Not merely Googling the vocations you're interested in, but conducting research will provide you with a plethora of knowledge.

 career change courses in mumbai

Now that everything is in place, we'll search for & assess training choices to help you increase your capabilities, including hands-on training & practicals, which is the most crucial factor at Awdiz. Combining two different types of training will also help you achieve the best results in the field.

career change training in mumbai

Finally, applying for different positions & chose the one that was most suitable. Signing the acceptance letter & setting out on a new chapter in your career with a positive mindset. Not only that, but after the placement service, Awdiz will continue to support professional development as needed.

Job Guarantee Career Switch Program
Job Guaranteed Career Switch Courses
Job Guarantee Career Switch Course in Mumbai
Career Switch From Non-Tech Field to IT
change Careers to IT from Other Fields
100% job guarantee course for women
100% job guarantee course for females

Mentoring with 1-on-1 Industry Domain Expert from Awdiz. Evaluate your current job satisfaction. Are your grievances about the content of your work, the culture of your organization, or the people you work with? While you're at it, there are some things you can do at your current employment to help you get ready to move on when the time comes.


We will Examine your passions, values, & abilities. Examine previous successful positions, volunteer work, projects, & professions to find out what activities & skills you prefer. Check to see if your key values & talents are being met in your present job. Pick a Job Role That Aligns with What You Want.


Plan & Consider other options for a career. We will Research job opportunities & share your key beliefs & talents with networking contacts to generate suggestions for employment alternatives. Awdiz career counsellor will give professional guidance. We will Talk to People Who Have the Job You Want & explore job options.


Examine your work possibilities in same or different field. Conduct a preliminary comparison analysis of different fields in order to pinpoint a few areas for further investigation. Awdiz will help Not just Googling the occupations that interest you, but research that will yield a wealth of information.


Now that everything is in place, we'll look for the training you'll need & compare several training options to assist you upgrade your capabilities, hands-on training & practicals, which is the most important factor at Awdiz. Also combining 2 different set of Training will lead you to the best position in the field.


Finally applying for different positions & accepting the most agreeable one. Signing the acceptance letter & embarking on a new phase of your career with the mindset of success. Not only that, but following the placement service, Awdiz will always assist in professional growth as needed.

What are the career change courses Students can opt for?


Minimum 4.5 lac package Guarantee for Career Switch Courses. Placement in Top MNC companies & Metropolitan cities in India. Only Training & Placement Institute in India that offers Students Job Guaranteed Training Courses. After receiving an offer letter from the employer, students must pay the fees. Want to switch careers or wondering best jobs for late career change or looking at change of career options? Looking for a Career Switch From Non-Tech Field to IT ? Want to Restart Your Career ? Awdiz Career Switch Programs are here to help you. Whether you left your job to start a family or another reason unique to you, when you’re ready to return to work, Awdiz is ready for you. The average salary for freshers in India is listed below. (for awdiz students)
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Network Engineer jobs in mumbai
Network Administrator jobs in mumbai
Systems Administrator jobs in mumbai
Systems Engineer jobs in mumbai
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L1 Engineer jobs in mumbai
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Highlights about Awdiz 100 % Job Guarantee Career Switch Program

Awdiz 100 % Job Guaranteed Career Switch Courses are well structured to make students handle multiple skills related to the domain. While most training institutes are just concerned with training, none of them are concerned with candidate placement. This is where Awdiz outperforms all other Mumbai training companies. We make certain that candidates have access to the best training facilities as well as a variety of work prospects with major IT companies. When a candidate completes the course, Awdiz begins to offer them a variety of interview opportunities with various companies.
  • 100% Job Guarantee to every students enrolling in the Career Switch Program
  • No Placement No fees policy*
  • Starting from 4.5 lakh per year for 1 year exp candidates
  • Starting from 6 lakh up to 12 lakh per annum for 2 to 4 year Experience Candidate
  • Student opting for Windows with Azure & Linux with AWS Administration are offered higher packages
  • 1 year Exp candidates from B.E / BSc.IT / B.Tech / BS or M.E / M.Tech / MSc in CSE / IS / EC / EE / TC / MCA
  • Females working on Desktop / Technical Service / Help Desk / Quality analyst / BPO sector can also apply if you are ready to work on Core Domains
  • Students should have a minimum of 12 Months experience in any domain
  • The only training centre in India where students pay fees (for the vast majority of courses) after they are placed.
  • Note: Students have to pay 10% to 20% initial fees for admissions & support
  • Schedule – 100 % Job Guarantee Career Switch Course in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

    Start Date Course Name Duration Register
    Every Alternate Sat & Sun Windows + Azure Course in Mumbai 2 to 3 months Open (Register Now)
    Every Alternate Sat & Sun Linux + AWS Training in Mumbai 2 to 3 months Open (Register here)
    Regular: Mon to Fri Both the above courses 2 to 3 months Open (Register)

    Frequently Asked Questions about Job Guarantee Career Switch Course in Mumbai

    What is Awdiz 100% Job Guarantee Career Switch Course in Mumbai?

    Awdiz 100% Job Guarantee Career Switch Course is Designed by Awdiz for Students who are looking for Career switch, Salary Hike , or want to enter into IT Industry
    What is eligibility criteria for 100% Job Guarantee Career Switch Program?

    Your website says Awdiz gives placements in MNC's in Mumbai? Are they also covered under Career Switch Program?

    Are students from NON IT field eligible ?
    What do you mean by 100 % Placement Guarantee ?
    Do you provide any Certificate after completion of the Masters Program ?
    What Job Position will student get after doing Masters Program ?

    Awdiz gives Guaranteed Placement After completing this Program ? What is the surety?

    What is the Average Salary in India & What will be my salary after doing Career Switch Program from Awdiz ?

    Why switch your career with AWDIZ?

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