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User Interface User Experience UI/UX Design Course Mumbai Vashi

Starting package of 3 to 7 lpa with 100 % Job Guarantee in reputed companies

Fees depend on the Customized Training given to each individual
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User Interface & User Experience UI/UX Design Course

Module 1 - Visual Elements of UI Design & UX Design Fundamentals

Module 2 - Web Design | Information Architecture | Wireframes | Prototypes

Compulsory 2 Months Live Project Internship (Onsite | Offsite)

Module 1 Explanation Below 700 students enrolled

1 Students Enrolled
1 Hrs. Course Duration
1% Placements
1% Parents Satisfaction

User Interface & User Experience UI/UX Design Course Description

Some of the biggest companies in the world like Facebook Uber Amazon are successful because of the User Experience and User Interface they provide Always remember, the value of the product is in its experience and not the product itself. It is one of the top 10 demanded skills in the industry right now and will be for the next 20 years and the demand is increasing day by day. Both full time and freelancing options are available for UI/UX design developers.Currently we offer Ui Ux design courses in Navi Mumbai

Our course syllabus does take care and follow the latest Industry trends for designing and developing the projects. (Material Design & other Frameworks). Following with designing Mobile and Web apps for Desktops & latest handheld devices.

As part of your course, you will get UI/UX Designer Certification from Awdiz.

User Interface & User Experience UI/UX Design Training in Mumbai Vashi Nerul Thane

You will be learning UI/UX from beginner level to advanced level. Experienced working professionals from different companies teach the students. With our course User Interface & User Experience UI/UX Design Training in Mumbai we make sure that students learn the entire UI/UX Course in a proper practical manner to help them do better during their job. Our User Interface & User Experience UI/UX Design Training with guaranteed placement program helps students secure their job after the UI/UX Training. Our students say that Awdiz offers the best ui ux design course in Mumbai Navi Mumbai and Thane. Awdiz is the best training and placement Institute in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane

All Undergraduates/Graduates from BCA, BE, BSCIT, BCOM, BTECH & Diploma Holders who are interested in UI/UX Domain are eligible for this UI/UX Training.
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UI/UX Course Syllabus

UXD Principles
■ What is UXD? ■ Designing for multi-device environments ■ What you need to master ■ What are you trying to communicate? ■ Why is user experience important?

The UXD Ecosystem
■ Identify the project parameters ■ Brand presence ■ Marketing campaign ■ Content source ■ eCommerce applications ■ Social networking applications ■ Responsive considerations

Proposal preparation
■ Creating the proposal ■ Title page ■ Executive summary ■ Project outline and approach ■ Assumptions ■ Deliverables ■ Project scoping ■ Legal considerations ■ Pricing and payment structures ■ Statements of work

Project approach
■ Project objectives ■ UXD process ■ Waterfall / Agile / Modified approaches
Business objectives
■ Status quo analysis ■ Heuristic analysis ■ Stakeholder input ■ Roles and responsibilities ■ Consolidating outcomes

User Research
■ Research basics ■ User group definitions ■ Research techniques ■ Contextual inquiry ■ Research analysis ■ Content Strategy ■ Personas ■ Advanced personas ■ The empathy map ■ When, where, who, what, why and how of UXD ■ Content strategy longevity ■ Tips on content

Transitioning - Definition to Design
■ Ideation ■ Visualization ■ Storyboarding essentials ■ Prioritization ■ Maintaining good tension ■ Conflict management ■ Documentation

UXD Design Principles
■ Visual design ■ Unity and variety ■ Focal point ■ Economy of elements ■ Balance and proportion ■ Interaction ■ Association and affordance ■ Economy of motion ■ Responsive design
■ Pschycology ■ The effects of good UXD design ■ Flow and Interaction ■ Guiding principles

Sitemaps and flow tasks
■ Tools of the trade ■ Pagestack ■ Decision points ■ Conditions ■ Common errors ■ Misalignment ■ Typographic considerations ■ Task flows ■ Swim lanes

Wireframing and Annotating
■ Annotating essentials ■ Wireframing essentials ■ Toolkits ■ Wireframing 101 ■ Sample processing ■ Sketching ■ Digital wireframes ■ Visual design ■ Responsive design ■ Wireframes vs Prototypes

Prototyping models
■ Prototyping boundaries ■ Wireframing vs realistic prototypes ■ HTML and WYSIWYG editors ■ Designer tools for prototyping ■ Designer / developer workflows ■ Post-prototyping

Design user testing
■ Visual design mockups exploration ■ Choosing a design testing approach ■ Qualitative and quantitative research ■ In-person and remote research ■ Moderated and automated techniques ■ Usability testing ■ Research ■ Logistics ■ Facilitation ■ Analysing results ■ Crafting recommendations

From design to development
■ Visual design ■ Development ■ Quality assurance ■ Alpha testing ■ Launching your project ■ Support ■ Post launch activities ■ Analytics ■ Post mortem

Flexible Content Strategies
■ Approaching content strategies ■ Flex content creation ■ CMS’s ■ Delivering across devices ■ Delivering across apps ■ Flexible architecture ■ Personalising content

In addition to master advanced tools for graphic design, students will also learn the following,
• Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals
• Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals
• Collage Creation
• App Icon Design
• Logo Design
• Editorial Typography
• Illustrative Typography
• Isometric Design
• Flat Design
• Packaging Design
• Thematic Posters
• Printing Techniques
• Outdoor/Indoor Advertising Campaigns
• Branding
• Portfolio Project
Note:The syllabus has been adapted from a UI UX design school ( ) itself in order to ensure best training knowledge.

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